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Grid Ceiling
K B Decors is the most prominent service provider of interior decorations, providing a variety of Grid False Ceiling. Nowadays grid false ceiling is more frequently used in commercial and industrial interiors designing, as it is considered as the most modern and hi-tech interior design. It is generally moulded aluminium or steel panels or strips that fit together. Despite the fact that it is very costly but extremely easy to use and can be conveniently maintained. It has very good acoustic properties. We deal in Armstrong, Daiken False Ceilings.
Material Specifications:   Used in:
  • Material: Plaster of Paris
  • Sheet sizes: 2x3 ft & 3x4 ft.
  • Thickness: 10 mm & 12 mm
  • Offices,Showrooms
  • Recording Studios
  • Hotels & Restaurants
  • Conference Halls , Residences
  • Hospitals etc
Advantages of false Ceilings:
For those who do not care much about looks, here is one reason for thinking of doing up the ceiling of your office or residential building. A ceiling helps cool the room. When the height of the room is too much, providing a ceiling helps to reduce the height. "Reducing the height also helps in reducing the capacity of the air-conditioner,"

Covering the upper area also has the multiple advantages such concealing the wiring, lighting fixtures, air-conditioning ducts, security cameras, and other fixtures. The ceiling also acts as an attractive base for all kinds of decorative electric lights and fans. These apart, a ceiling help eliminate echo in the room. In bathroom, ceilings can be provided to hide the pipes or any other fittings above.

In the olden days, wooden ceilings were vastly used and the preferred choice. Today, you can choose from a wide range of ceiling materials including Plaster-of-Paris, plastics, gypsum particle boards, Mineral fiber wool, Thermocol etc.
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