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Exterior Painting
Painting the outside of a building is easy. Painting the outside of a building and having it look great for years to come, that takes an understanding of the building and the environment.

I have been making Sarasota homes look beautiful for over ten years. I understand the Florida environment and what it takes to make a paint job last. There are five basic steps to painting an exterior.
1. Secure Property - Remove personal property from around the building. Pull back dirt, mulch, or rocks from the base of the structure. This allows me to paint very low, and once the paint is dry and the substrate replaced, it provides for a beautiful finished look.

2. Pressure Washing - I use a bit of chlorine to kill any mold and mildew, taking care not to hurt any plants or property. Then I pressure wash away dirt and debris that can interfere with the longevity of the paint.

3. Sealing - Pressure washing is not enough! Sealing is vitaly important. A clear sealer is applied that forms a barrier between your building and the hostile Florida environment. It also helps the paint adhere.

4. Patching and Caulking - Any cracks are patched and any damage repaired. Window are and doors are caulked.

5. Painting - Finally the paint is applied in as many coats as necessary to provide a beautiful look. After the painting is complete and dried, the substrate is pushed back and any additional cleaning is done.

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