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When I walk through your front door, I understand I'm not just entering your house, but I'm also entering your home. I considered this when I developed a process on how to handle interior paintjobs. There is an order in which things should be done to help maintain order, cleanliness, and safety of your property.
1. Evaluation - Discuss when the client will be home and what parts of the house require critical use. Will you be sleeping there during the paint job? If so, what rooms need to be in "working" order and what time of day can they be "down" for work. Determine what order the work will be done in.

2. Securing Valuables - Before the work can begin all breakable items, plants, decorations, and area rugs must be moved to another location in the house (usually a spare bedroom or lanai)

3. Covering - Couches, large furniture, cabinets, counters, etc. are covered with plastic. If ceilings are being sprayed all lights and fans are masked.

4. Prep Work - All nails and hooks that are not desired are removed. All holes are filled. Any damage is repaired and the walls and woodwork are sanded and cleaned.

5. Paint - First the ceilings are painted, then the doors and cases. The walls are next and finally the baseboard. This order is for efficiency and quality.

6. Cleanup - Masking and plastic is removed and the floors and counter tops are cleaned. All furniture and items previously removed are returned.

Adhering to this process guarantees your property remains safe and your paint job will be the envy of your neighbors. The most important part of interior work is staying clean!

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