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Window Decors
Vertical Blinds
POP sheets are suspended on a galvanized Aluminium frame work. It is non-structural and does not take any weight. POP ceiling is offered to provide high standard and state of the art ceilings at all times. We meet the needs of our customers and beautify the ceilings with today's technical perfection in their homes. This ceiling can also be painted as per your choice colors. It can be made more attractive using decorative corner borders and flowers.
Vertical Blinds are manufactured using a variety of high quality stiffened fabrics in various thicknesses and coating options. These blinds provide protection and conceal excess light. These blinds give you the light control you need to create the exact setting and mood.

At K. B. DECORS we produce blinds in various colors, textures, and mural like designs or sheer fabrics, which create a translucent screen. Blinds are available in 100mm, 89mm, 75mm and 50mm vane width.

Vertical blinds come with vertical Louvers which can be closed and tilt vertically. The louvers are made out of high quality scotch guarded Fabrics with Runners, Control Units, Bottom Chain, Tilt Chain etc.
Venetian Blinds
Venetian blinds are manufactured using pre-painted aluminum slats in plain, perforated and metallic finishes in varied sizes. These are also available in wooden slats. The materials and options are crafted in accordance to customers' requirements.

We at K. B. DECORS offer a wide collection of Venetian blinds that enhance the beauty of a room. Available in varies colours, textures and designs. These blinds are used as shield from harsh sun rays, allowing sufficient sunlight to pass through. The horizontal blinds are also another variety for maintaining privacy.

Venetian blinds are made out of 25mm Aluminium Slats of best quality. Spring activated. It contains dust sealed with single and double mechanism. The Head & Bottom Rails are Aluminium with powder coating.
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